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About Far From Noise


Sooo I'm gonna start keeping a blog (this blog) with developmenty updates from my new game Far From Noise. I've been doing things to it in evenings and weekends for the past couple of months, and I feel like writing about some of the ins and outs.

A li'l bit about the game: it takes place mostly in that location. You're stuck in the car, balancing on the edge of a cliff, unable to move; your only solace and potential saving grace lies in a conversation with a stag. I won't be going into any details about the story or characters, but the conversation will branch off a lot of different ways and the way you play (the conversation you have) will determine the conclusion of the story in a considerable way, with many different conclusions. So the whole game is a conversation, basically. A dramatic, cinematic conversation. Right.

It won't be ready any time soon (at all), but it's moving along and I'm excited about it!

Because of the tone and cinematic feel of the game, a realllly important part is the soundtrack and I'm extremely happy that it's being produced by Geoff Lentin (@GeoffLentin)! We've been in discussions about making it adaptive and layered and generative and it's all early days but I'm pretty thrilled about the whole thing and excited to be working with Geoff!

I've got a lot of other development things I want to write about, and I will! But this post is kind of the first seal breaking post. Consider it broken.

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