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A romantic evening of speed dating.




PC/Mac/Linux   |   28th May 2015  |  Pay-what-you-want



iOS (iPhone & iPad)  |  16th December 2015  |   £1.49,  $1.99



George Batchelor   |  Based in London

Music - Levi Pack  |  Based in WA, USA  |  @le_pack






"Hot Date is, perhaps, the greatest dog romance simulator I've experienced" - Rock Paper Shotgun
"This is exactly as great as you'd imagine a pug dating game to be." - PC Gamer
"The best pug dating sim the world has ever seen" - Polygon
"Hot Date is a dead simple, totally hilarious speed dating game" - Kotaku

"a game where you speed date the sassiest pug you've ever met in your life" - Buzzfeed

"something about it that feels almost true to the hesitance of first dates" - BoingBoing



Pewdiepie -

jacksepticeye -

iHasCupquake -

LDShadowLady -



Fantastic Arcade Official Selection 2015

PLAY15 Festival Official Selection

Kill Screen Public Arcade



Iron your good suit and/or frock. Do your hair. Practice your smile in the mirror. You're going speed dating.

Explore the moods and feelings of your dates. Get to know them. Connect. Ask the right questions and try to get on their good side before the bell rings and your potential soulmate slips away...


Randomly generated personalities for unique dates.
A fusion of prewritten and procedurally generated responses.
More-often-than-not aggressive dating partners.
Dynamic Mood System.
An extensive list of speed dating questions and responses.

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