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Bird Alone is the story of a lonely bird figuring out what life's all about.

By drawing and creating art to answer the bird's curiosities, making musical jams together and having conversations about life, death and everything in between, they might start to make some sense of it all. Or at least make a new best friend.

Bird Alone is a mobile game, meant to be played for a few moments a day. The passage of real world time is important, including when you're not playing. These are the times when the bird is alone, they can collect their thoughts, think about how they're growing up and if their view on life, death and the rest of it is changing.


  • Conversations that shape how the bird thinks.

  • A canvas to draw anything you like and to answer those questions where words aren't enough.

  • A procedural music making system developed with Eli Rainsberry to create music together with your best friend bird.

  • Significance of time; the bird will grow up over real world time (even when you aren't playing), going through various stages of life, taking on the things they've learned from you and making their own decisions about life, death and everything.

  • Secrets to be found from poking around.

  • Day/night time that matches the real world.

  • Realistic bird preening technology.


George Batchelor is a video game creator from Manchester, UK based in London. He works at State of Play as a developer where he has released INKS. (2016) and KAMI 2 (2017). Bird Alone will be his third independent release following Hot Date (2015) and Far from Noise (2017). His work has been exhibited at SXSW, Fantastic Arcade, A MAZE, EGX Leftfield, Bit Bash, CIFF and others.

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​​George Batchelor


Eli Rainsberry


Allissa Chan

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